Question: What do people dress like in El Salvador?

Women dress in colorful embroidered shirts and skirts, and men wear traditional pants and embroidered shirts. Traditional dress varies throughout the country. Women often wear cotton headscarves and shawls with dresses or skirts and tops paired with sandals. Men wear cotton suits or shirts with jeans and a cowboy hat.

What should I pack for El Salvador?

Fill your bag with a swimsuit, quick-drying shirt, raincoat, lightweight pants or shorts, socks, shoes, and sandals. You should also bring a hat to keep the vicious sun off your head all day. The cultures very relaxed in El Salvador, so no need bring dressy clothes.

What do El Salvadorans wear on Christmas?

El Estreno on Christmas eve. Many Salvadorans will make sure to wear something new (Estrenar) during Christmas eve.

Can I use my debit card in El Salvador?

Major hotels take debit/credit cards, but cheaper accommodations, tourist sites and restaurants tend to only take cash. Its best to have small denominations as change can be a problem in smaller businesses. Youll find Visa and MasterCard are equally accepted by ATMs in El Salvador.

Is it safe to drink water in El Salvador?

The water quality in El Salvador is inadequate, especially in some urban areas. Water quality is an ongoing concern for this small but densely populated country. A large percentage of the countrys water supply is contaminated and deemed unsafe to drink by international standards.

Can I withdraw money in El Salvador?

El Salvador´s currency is the dollar as of 2004. There are ATM´S in every mall, gas station and banks that are open 24/7. All major credit cards are accepted, and withdrawals against credit cards may be done at banks.

How long can you stay in El Salvador?

90 days For a U.S. citizen to enter El Salvador by air, land or sea, you must present a current U.S. passport and either a Salvadoran visa or a one-entry tourist card which can be valid for a maximum stay of 90 days.

What do they do for Christmas in El Salvador?

The holiday in El Salvador is celebrated by the entire family, as they attend mass gatherings together on Christmas Eve and return home to a grand feast. Roasted turkey, potato salad, rice, chicken and alcohol are enjoyed at the dinner table, accompanies by beverages such as soda, rum, or wine, called gaseosas.

How much cash can I bring into El Salvador?

Currency restrictions There are no restrictions on the import or export of local or foreign currency. However, amounts exceeding US$10,000 or equivalent must be declared upon arrival.

How much cash can I take to El Salvador?

You can enter and exit El Salvador with up to $10,000.00 USD.

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