Question: What country is hi5?

Why did Hi5 stop?

In early 2006, de Leon Jones announced she was pregnant, and would take maternity leave from April onwards. In July 2006, de Leon Jones said she was intent on returning to Hi-5; however, in July 2007, made the decision to leave the group permanently to focus on being a mother.

How do I turn off hi5?

Hover over the “Account” button in the upper right corner, then click “Settings” Select “Cancel Your hi5 Account” under “Cancel Account” in the settings page. Select a reason for cancelling your account, then press “Yes, I want to cancel my hi5 account” Enter your password, then press “cancel account”

What happen to High 5?

A 1992 traffic accident left Clark paralyzed from the neck down and as Giant groomed Thompson for a solo career, personal problems with drug use started to unravel the lead singers career. The remaining Hi-Five members disbanded in 1994.

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