Question: Why is Swatch so expensive?

Why are limited-edition Swatch watches so expensive? Its simple. There is only a pre-defined number of these watch designs available in the world. As the years pass, these will become harder to find, and the Swatch collectors will seek them out more and more.

Are swatches overpriced?

Swatch watches may seem expensive if you usually wear a 10€ Casio watch. The difference is that with Swatch you are paying a little more for a watch that is Swiss made and fashionable. You are paying, on some level, for the name and this name has been valued at around 100€.

Is Swatch high quality?

Swatch Watch Battery Replacement The Swatch bracelets and straps are also of high quality. You can expect them to last as long as the watch itself. Also, the proprietary lugs style on swatch watches are of sturdy quality. I am yet to see a Swatch watch bracelet or strap break.

Are swatches waterproof?

Are Swatch watches waterproof? The company maintains that their watches will remain water resistant as long as case, gaskets, glass, pushers, and crown all remain intact. Swatch says crown and pushers should never be manipulated while a watch is under water.

Can I shower with my Swatch?

They are not designed to withstand warm water. When your watches cools down after the shower, moist air gets sucked into the case. Doing this repeatedly will deteriorate the movement, even if your watch is water resistant or if its a dive watch with a depth rating of 100 m or more.

Are all Swatch waterproof?

Are Swatch watches water-resistant? Every Swatch watch will remain water-resistant provided that the crown, pushers, glass, case and gaskets remain intact.

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