Question: What is QuackQuack? is an online dating and matchmaking platform service for singles. The company mission is to help Indian singles find other genuine singles through its apps. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Telangana, India.

Is quack quack app free?

QuackQuack — 100% Free Online Dating Site to Meet Singles!

What is quack quack website?

Founded by Ravi Mittal in 2010, QuackQuack is a dating site in India with verified listings, moderated content, and a premium option for more features and a better experience. According to the founders, QuackQuack is a full fledged web and mobile app catering to singles in India looking to find a date in their city.

Is quack app safe?

Quack uses cookies and local storage devices so that we know who you are, what interests you have and so that you can do the things online that you want to do, like chat with new people and share your content knowing that your data will be secure.

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