Question: Is it normal to lose interest in dating?

Its totally normal for sparks to fade after the initial kindling. According to sex therapist and registered psychotherapist Chelsea Page, DHC, LPC, M.S., losing interest in ones partner after a relationship starts to deepen is extremely common.

What do you do when you lose interest in a relationship?

If you find yourself losing interest in the long-distance partner, the best thing you can do is to share how you feel and ask your partner how they feel about you. When your feelings have changed, and you drifted apart, there is no point keeping the relationship going.

Is it possible to lose interest in someone you love?

It is possible to lose interest in someone but still love them. You can feel a deep warm attachment towards someone without necessarily feeling the spark and chemistry that was once there. This unpleasant stage of losing interest in your relationship is extremely common.

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