Question: What to do in Hammersmith, West London?

Is Hammersmith London posh?

Hammersmith is known to be one of the safest residential areas of London. Away from the petty crime that impacts the tourist-centric regions of the capital, its a quiet and peaceful area that attracts a stable and affluent community, minimising the risk of more serious criminal activity.

Is Hammersmith a dodgy?

Hammersmith is generally a safe area. Stayed in Hammersmith for around 7 years no issue and broadly speaking one of the safer residential areas in London.

What is Hammersmith famous for?

Its facilities include tennis courts, a basketball court, a bowling lawn, a paddling pool and playgrounds. Hammersmith is the historical home of the West London Penguin Swimming and Water Polo Club, formerly known as the Hammersmith Penguin Swimming Club.

Which area is W6?

List of postcode districtsPostcode districtPost townLocal authority area(s)W6LONDONHammersmith and Fulham, HounslowW7LONDONEalingW8LONDONKensington and ChelseaW9LONDONWestminster, Brent, Camden22 more rows

What is the wealthiest county in the UK?

Surrey Surrey is the richest county in the UK when it comes to property, according to a survey. Its homes have a total value of almost £288 billion, representing 5.1% of the UKs £5.6 trillion overall property wealth.

Is Chelsea a posh area?

Chelsea is an affluent, cosmopolitan district in Central London known for its posh residents, high-end shopping and popular football club.

Is Chiswick a rich area?

A district in West London, Chiswick is an affluent area with suburbs including Bedford Park, Grove Park and Strand-on-the-Green.

Where do the rich and famous live in London?

Knightsbridge Many of the worlds richest people call Knightsbridge home and it has some of the most expensive properties. One of the U.K.s most luxurious pieces of private real estate is in Knightsbridge: One Hyde Park.

Where in London is SW12?

Balham List of postcode districtsPostcode districtPost townCoverageSW10LONDONWest Brompton district: West Brompton, Chelsea (part)SW11LONDONBattersea head district: Battersea, Clapham South, Nine Elms (west)SW12LONDONBalham district: Balham, Clapham South, Wandsworth Common (part)SW13LONDONBarnes district: Barnes23 more rows

Where in London is W14?

West Kensington The postcode area of W14 is primarily home to West Kensington, on the western edge of central London.

Which areas of London are poor?

The most concentrated areas of high poverty are in areas such as Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, and the north east of London. There are also noticeable pockets of high poverty rates in areas in west London, such as in Brent and the north ends of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.

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