Question: Is it possible to have a relationship in Beijing?

Is it nice to live in Beijing?

But as far as big cities worldwide go, this is a rather safe place. Cheap prices – From restaurant food to (non-Western) groceries, from transportation to a decent haircut (as long as you dont expect your hair dresser to speak English…), the cost of living in China is much lower than in the West.

What is Chinas relationship with Germany?

Germany is Chinas biggest trading partner and technology exporter in Europe. China is Germanys largest trading partner, superseding the United States since 2017. The trade volume between China and Germany surpassed 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2008.

Is China allies with Germany?

Germany and China once worked closely together. Now their relations are dominated by conflict. At the latest talks, profitable economic relations collide with systemic rivalry.

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