Question: Does Sans ever stop smiling?

After taunting the player for missing him, Sans is struck by a final blow. The corners of his smile drop when this happens – its still a smile, but its very different from usual.

Does Sans have a permanent smile?

Sans Undertale is a skeleton monster with a permanent smile and a left eye that occasionally glows cyan or yellow when he means business. In the Mario World, he has materialized as a Bonz.

Does Sans ever frown?

Sans is a typical looking Sans with only a few new colors. Sans, They have a frown instead of a smile.

Is Sans good or bad?

sans the skeleton. Sans introducing himself. Sans (/sænz/) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide Route.

Why does error Sans hate being touched?

Physical Contact: Error has haphephobia (the fear of being touched) and is therefore very hesitant to get physically close to anyone. Glitching (Error. Exe has crashed): At random intervals, he can glitch up, filling his eye sockets with errors, giving him a major disadvantage if hes in battle.

Who is the weakest in Undertale?

Sans, is the weakest character in the entirety of Undertale OCs.

Is Error 404 Sans evil?

He had become a very evil monster and had gone insane. Error404 hid away in a special part of the Anti-Void that only he can access called the Main Frame/The outer wall. It is a place where he can see all activity in and out of the Anti-Void.

Is Sans overpowered?

In conclusion; Sans, known commonly as The Weakest Character is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest character in all of Undertale.

Is Jevil harder than Sans?

But now on the real subject: Many are of the opinion the Jevil a substantially more difficult boss delivers than Sans. His attacks are strong like with Sans, but completely umkoordiniert. This allows to the player very little space to react. Also as with Sans one has only little place to make way.

Is Jevil a monster?

Monster Features He also has a long tongue, J-shaped tail, black sclerae, purple skin, pointed ears; basically hes more humanoid than Ralsei or Seam but is still obviously a Monster. The markings on his face are similar to clown make-up but that might just be part of his skin.

Is Nightmare sans evil?

Nightmare is deceiving, erratic, unpredictable and evil. He told Cross and Dream that many villains were brought to their knees by him, such as Horror, Dust, Killer, Swapfell Red Sans, and Swapfell Sans. When he was younger, Dream said he was very smug, which he denies.

What is killer sans afraid of?

Usually, he enjoys killing most of the time, hates being belittled, and generally is a negative character.

Is Alpha Sans dead?

Alpha! Sans was killed during a battle, the last thing he saw was the face of his poor brother ERROR 404.

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