Question: What to look for in a Southern gentleman?

The southern gentleman look is about more than slapping on a pair of khakis and calling it a day. Its also about the details, including a willingness to try new patterns or new colors. Its about minimalist attention to detail such as your choice of watch or accessory.

How do Southern men look?

A navy blazer with a pop of color, a bright, patterned shirt, a bow tie with a whimsical design, and khakis make for a quintessential Southern Gentleman look at the Southern Proper label.

How can I be fashionable on a low budget?

9 tips on how to be fashionable on a budgetDont spend too much money on trendy pieces. Look out for online sales. Use online resources to find coupons. Invest in classic luxury pieces. Invest in wardrobe basics. Create a capsule wardrobe. Save on luxury items. Shop vintage & pre-owned fashion.More items •Aug 17, 2021

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