Question: What is the main part of the family in Afghanistan?

A childs social life in Afghanistan takes place within his or her family. The main part of the family is the mother-in-law, the daughters-in-law and daughters, with the older woman at the top of the household.

Can I sponsor a child in Afghanistan?

You cannot sponsor a child in Afghanistan - but you can help Unstable conditions in countries like Afghanistan make it dangerous or impossible to sponsor children there, so weve created another way for you to help.

What does Afghan aid do?

We build basic services, improve livelihoods, strengthen the rights of women and children, help communities protect against natural disasters and climate change, and respond to humanitarian emergencies.

What is the national food of Afghanistan?

Kabuli palaw Kabuli palaw This beautiful and balanced rice is Afghanistans national dish.

Is the Red Cross in Afghanistan?

The Afghan Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have been active in Afghanistan for decades, providing aid such as clean water and medical care. Since January of this year, the ICRC has provided artificial limb-fitting and physical rehabilitation to nearly 80,000 Afghan citizens.

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