Question: What is the bad side of Albuquerque?

The worst neighborhoods in Albuquerque include places such as Encanto Village, Quail Ridge, Alta Monte, Quigley Park, Wildflower, Trumbull Village, La Mesa, Kachina Hills, Yale Village, and Central Hill. Be sure to steer clear of these areas when visiting or moving to Albuquerque.

Is the north side of Albuquerque safe?

North Valley isnt just one of the best places to live in Albuquerque, its also one of the safest. Not only that, it is well known for it significantly low crime level. Its a nice neighborhood consisting of large homes, farm fields, horse stables and middle-class families.

What is wrong with Albuquerque?

Violent crime, too, is more common in Albuquerque than elsewhere. Sadly, the city is ranked fifth in the nation for violent crime, according to the federal government. And the numbers of violent crime continue to increase. It doesnt help that ABQ has a serious police shortage, which is worsening.

Is Albuquerque dangerous?

Safewise has named Albuquerque one of the 10 most dangerous big cities in the nation. The report states that the top 10 most dangerous metro cities have a violent crime rate that is 3.8 times higher than the national average. Albuquerques violent crime rate (per1,000) was 13.69.

Can you drink tap water in Albuquerque?

Our water meets all federal and state standards for drinking water quality, and has also been recognized for its good taste. It is important to note that the Water Authority provides water that meets all state and federal legal standards for safe drinking water. Your drinking water from the source to the tap.

What is the best area to live in Albuquerque NM?

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Albuquerque, New MexicoNob Hill. Located alongside Route 66, Nob Hill residents have easy access to the University of New Mexico and various shops and restaurants. North Valley. Heritage East. Bear Canyon. Tanoan. Peppertree-Royal Oak. Visit Before You Move.

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