Question: What are good dating apps Reddit?

Are there any actual good dating apps Reddit?

Bumble, Hinge, CmB are good apps. Most people on there are looking for smthg serious and theres a limit to how many profiles you see a day. Not as overwhelming as tinder. I particularly like bumble bcuz of the time constraint, you both have to message within 24 hrs or the match goes away.

What is the best dating site for serious relationships Reddit?

Tinder is good for meeting people who are looking for committed relationships. It has by far the largest userbase. It will have more seriously minded daters than Match, eHarmony and OKCupid combined.

Whats so special about Reddit?

A special feature of how Reddit works is that users rate posts and comments with karma points. The karma point are to the left of the title. Posts with many points are further up on the start page and in subreddits. Points are not just a sign of popularity, but also of quality.

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