Question: Should I go to the same college as my girlfriend?

If you want to stay together as a couple but dont necessarily want to attend the same school, you could instead engage in a long-distance relationship. For some couples, this is an excellent solution because it gives each of them a chance to grow and thrive in new environments.

Should I break up if were going to different colleges?

If people want to stay together and try and maintain a long-distance relationship, they can go ahead and do it. Studying at different schools will most likely make a relationship complicated; however, it is not a solid reason for breaking it off.

Why do high school couples break up?

Among young people across cultures, important reasons for breaking up are likely to be a lack of closeness, shared interests and romantic time spent together, as well as a lack of trust and honesty, and the feeling of not being treated well by the romantic partner, she explained.

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