Question: Is there a World of Warcraft dating site?

LFGdating is the #1 World of Warcraft Dating site, period.

Can you meet people on World of Warcraft?

You can find a guild using the in-game guild recruitment channel, which you automatically join when you enter a major city, as long as youre not already in a guild. You can also read the official forums at the World of Warcraft Web site to learn which guilds on your server are recruiting.

Is World of Warcraft free forever?

Play World of Warcraft for free forever with the new endless trial mode [Updated] Up to level 20 at least. Blizzard announced today that theyre completely revamping their trial account system .

How do you pull up your friends list in WoW?

Default pane and first tab at the bottom left of the Socials window that lists friends that you track in the game. Sometimes called the Friends pane. You can access the Friends List via the Real ID icon above your chat window (default key shortcut of O).

Do WoW characters get deleted?

Yes, within 120 days of deletion. After the above retention periods, deleted characters are purged from the database and will no longer be visible on the character restoration list.

Did my WoW character get deleted?

No, they dont delete inactive characters. The character youre posting from is on Ravencrest.

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