Question: When did SNSD Sooyoung start dating?

In February of 2013 Sports Seoul initially reported that the two met in September of 2012, right after his discharge, and began dating early 2013. Before, Jung Kyung Ho had mentioned that Girls Generation was one of his favorite groups and sent out a thank you message to Sooyoung.

When did Sooyoung started dating?

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung started dating back in September of 2012 and are known to be the longest-standing celebrity couple. They are loved by fans as they continue their love with each other for the ninth year.

How long is Sooyoung dating?

“Ive been dating someone for over eight years,” he said, “so I think that Choi Sooyoung is what has made me who I am.

How did Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho meet?

Sooyoung has always kept silent about her dating life because she wants her privacy respected so this is the first time fans are actually getting new details about her relationship with Kyung Ho. The actor revealed that he first met Sooyoung after she was introduced to him by a mutual friend of theirs.

Is Sooyoung getting married?

Sooyoung says she has no plans to marry longtime boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho yet. Sooyoung revealed she had no intention of marrying her longtime boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho anytime soon.

How old is Jung Kyung Ho?

38 years (August 31, 1983) Jung Kyung-ho/Age

How tall is Jung Kyung-ho?

1.84 m Jung Kyung-ho/Height

What are taeyeon fans called?

The individual fandoms are called Taeganger (Taeyeon), SunShiner (Sunny), GorJESS Spazzer/Maomao (Jessica), Hyohunnie (Hyoyeon), Yurisistable (Yuri), Fanytastic (Tiffany), SooYoungster (Sooyoung), YoonAddict (Yoona) and SeoMate (Seohyun).

How old is Kyung Ho?

38 years (August 31, 1983) Jung Kyung-ho/Age Jung Kyung-ho in 2019. Jung Kyung-ho (born August 31, 1983) is a South Korean actor. He became well known for his supporting roles in Im Sorry, I Love You (2004) and Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), and his leading roles in Smile, You (2009) and Heartless City (2013).

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