Question: How is the dating scene in Vancouver BC?

Is Vancouver a good city for singles?

Vancouver ranked No. 29 on list of best cities for romance. While Vancouver places in the top 30 cities internationally, its ranked last among the three Canadian cities that made the list.

Is it easy to date in Vancouver?

ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND SOMEONE TO DATE IN VANCOUVER! Vancouver is full of amazing date venues. Lets see, how about the Vancouver Aquarium, or Playland (we love The Coaster!), Granville Island, a walk along the seawall at Stanley Park (or go for our choice, a tandem bike ride).

Where should I move in Vancouver?

10 Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in VancouverDowntown.Strathcona.Fairview.Grandview-Woodland.Mount Pleasant.West End.South Cambie.Riley Park.More items •May 4, 2021

Whats a good salary in Vancouver?

On average, most jobs pay an annual average of C$ 63,133 before taxes. After taxes, you can expect to take home an average of C$ 44,318. To live a decent lifestyle in this city, you need to earn an average annual amount that ranges between C$ 40,500 – C$ 136,000.

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