Question: Why do I date below me?

When you date below your potential, you are ignoring your value in the world. You arent honouring yourself or your needs. You are telling yourself, unconsciously, that what you really want in life either a) isnt worth going after, or b) you are unworthy of having.

Is it weird to date a grade below?

No. The only time it would be worrisome is if you plan on being sexually active and the person cannot legally have sex and you could get in legal trouble for having sex with her. Or, if the person has skipped many grades and is substantially younger than you, which again would cause the legal problem.

Why do I keep going after bad boys?

Intimacy is often scary. Being with a guy who will never commit means youll never have to let your guard down and be vulnerable. This is the reason some of us continue to go after guys who we know deep down wont ever show us their hearts — were scared of putting ourselves out there and revealing our true feelings.

Why do guys always want to fix things?

This compulsion to fix things might also be an expression of masculinity, something many men have an instinctual need to perform, assert, and defend. Men may want to make negative emotions go away because they love them and dont want to see them hurting, but their partners may find this dismissive.

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