Question: Can Secret Service agents be married?

Secret Service agents can get married and have families. There is no hiring benefit or advantage given out when applying to be a Secret Service agent as an unmarried person. Many secret service agents have spouses and children because at the end of the day, being in the Secret Service is still just an occupation.

Can you date a Secret Service agent?

Secret Service agents are prohibited from dating the people they are protecting.

Who is the highest paid Secret Service agent?

Secret service agents are typically hired on either a GL-7 or GL-9 pay grade. The highest pay grade a secret service agent can achieve is GL-13, with this level offering the highest salary. An agents location and duties will also influence their salary.

Are there female Secret Service agents?

Of those employed, seven of 45 special agents in charge of field offices are women, as are four deputy assistant directors out of 20. The chief of staff is a woman. About 25 percent of the whole workforce is female.

Do Secret Service agents travel a lot?

Not only are the men and women of the Secret Service serving the country by helping to protect the nations leaders and financial systems, but in the process, agents are required to travel a lot and are exposed to people and places that most people can only dream of.

How hard is it to be a Secret Service agent?

Getting a job with the U.S. Secret Service is far from easy, as the selection process is extremely competitive. Candidates must have either a college degree or a combination of college and law enforcement work experience, with a background in criminal investigation.

What shoes do female Secret Service agents wear?

Two must-haves, the Black Cap Toe (Black Pumps or slip-ons for female agents) and Brown Leather Brogues (Blue Pumps for female agents). Black cap toe oxfords are the cornerstone of your shoe collection.

How much does Secret Service paid?

Average United States Secret Service Special Agent yearly pay in the United States is approximately $150,000, which is 112% above the national average.

How much do US Secret Service agents make?

How much does a Special Agent make at United States Secret Service in the United States? Average United States Secret Service Special Agent yearly pay in the United States is approximately $150,000, which is 112% above the national average.

Can Secret Service agents make arrests?

An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Secret Service can arrest you: For a public offense that is committed in the presence of the agent, or that is attempted in the presence of the agent. If there is reasonable cause to believe you have committed a felony or a gross misdemeanor offense.

Why do Secret Service agents wear earpieces?

Each agent has an earpiece that allows him or her to hear other Secret Service personnel and to receive directions from a special command center. Much like an air traffic controller who is helping pilots land airplanes, agents at the command center are able to alert agents to information they need.

Do Secret Service agents make good money?

The average Secret Service Special Agent in the US makes $101,054. Secret Service Special Agents make the most in San Francisco, CA at $152,553, averaging total compensation 51% greater than the US average.

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