Question: Does senior match have an app?

SeniorMatch is an online dating service that caters to seniors and those over the age of 45. The site and app are simple to use with zero hidden fees.

Does SeniorMatch have an app?

App Description Senior Match is the 1# senior dating & hookup apps for older women and mature men seeking the like-minded elite singles at the same age. aims to create an inclusive and friendly online dating app for senior people to hook up, find love and meet new friends.

Is there a senior match com? is a well-established online dating site with a good reputation and a large pool of senior singles aged 50 and older. Whether youve been single for some time, or are recently widowed or divorced, is one of a few online senior dating sites youll want to visit.

Is there a dating app for seniors?

10 Best Senior Dating Sites That Older People Can Use for FreeeHarmony. As one of the leading websites in the online dating industry, eHarmony is without a doubt one of the best dating sites for seniors. Silver Singles. Zoosk. Our Time. Senior Sizzle. Match. Hinge. Date My Age.More items •Jul 15, 2021

What is the cost of senior match?

Price | How Much Does Senior Match Cost?Membership TypeMonthly PriceTotal PricePremium - 1 Month$29.95$29.95Premium - 3 Months$19.95$59.95Premium - 6 Months$15.95$95.95

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