Question: What does Puma SGB mean?

Got a couple of great deals and awesome knives, and then, I ordered one from their new SGB line. These are made from German blades, but assembeled in China. I think SGB stands for Sucker Gonna Buy it. The quality was laugable. I was so dissapointed that I emailed Puma.

Where are Puma Tec knives made?

Spain PUMA IP is an international production with selected Spanish manufacturers. The knives are made in Spain, but the quality control, production supervision and the design is done by PUMA Germany.

Why are German knives the best?

Specifically, Japanese steel has a higher carbon content — making their blades harder and sharper, but also more brittle. German steel is softer, less likely to chip, and holds an edge longer, at the cost of being slightly less sharp.

Do Cowboys carry knives?

One of those necessary tools is a knife. There is even a statement among cowboys that claims you cant be a cowboy unless you carry a pocket knife. Often adept at leather work, rawhide stitching, knot tying and tooling, cowboys workday knives are usually cased in sturdy proof of their skill.

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