Question: Does Bond touch need wifi?

For your Bond Touch modules to stay connected, a smartphone is absolutely necessary to run the Bond Touch app. It needs to have bluetooth connectivity and to be connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile data.

Does Bond Touch work with data?

Requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or above. Bluetooth® LE. Data connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)

How do I keep Bond Touch connected?

If youve checked all of these things, and they all check out, then try the following:Switch off your phones Bluetooth and switch it on again.Switch off your phones internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular network) and switch it on again.Close the Bond Touch app and launch it again (clear it from the task tray)

Why does Bond Touch need my phone number?

Enable Bluetooth on your phone and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. We start the in-app setup by adding a few details that identify you and your account, namely your phone number and date of birth. The phone number helps to authenticate your account.

Does Bond Touch track your location?

No. That means, if you lose the bracelet you will not be able to track its location. You can, however, enable Location Services on the app, which will allow you to share your location with your partner. To enable Location Services: go on Bond Touch App > My Profile > Location Based Services.

Does Bond Touch work without being on the app?

Q. Do I have to be in a relationship to use Bond Touch? A. No, weve designed the Bond Touch to help any two people grow closer together, no matter who they are or where they are.

Are Bond touches waterproof?

Stay synced with your partner and download the Bond Touch app, set up your profiles, and stay connected through taps, texts, and calls. The waterproof bracelet can withstand water up to 3 feet and along with a steel loop, experience ultimate durability wherever you go.

Can you connect 3 Bond Touch bracelets?

Yes, as long as the bracelets are correctly set up within the app with either Wi-Fi or mobile connection, youll be able to connect with each other. No matter what the distance between the two of you is. Q. Can the bracelets be set up while were apart?

What does Bond Touch feel like?

As long as the app is open in the background, youll stay synced to your partner. When you gently tap the button at the top, your partners wrist will feel a slight sensation and the bracelet will emit a brief glow. Then your partner can return the favor, or perhaps send you a sweet text or give you a quick ring.

What do Hey bracelets do?

Hey Bracelet is a smart and unique device designed with the intention of making your long distance relationship bearable. You are supposed to squeeze the bracelet, and your distant partner will receive the squeeze and know that you are thinking about them. The partners bracelet squeezes them gently.

Why did my Bond Touch flash red?

If your Bond Touch lights up with a color that isnt White, Red, the color you chose or the color youre used to seeing your partner use, then your partner probably changed colors.

Can I take a shower with Bond Touch?

The Bond Touch is waterproof so you can even wear it in the shower. Bond Touch makes an amazing holiday or anniversary gift.

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