Question: Where can I talk to German people?

How can I practice German speaking alone?

Stage 1: On your ownExercise 1: Speak German to your houseplants…or other things or people that wont talk back!Exercise 2: Pause and repeat videos or listening tracks.Exercise 3: Record your own voice to critique it.Exercise 4: Make a video (and maybe even post it!)More items

How can I speak fluent German?

7 tips on speaking German fluently and confidentlyListen in. Every good conversation starts with good listening. Learn the genders. German has three genders, so its important to learn nouns along with their gender. Hack your memory. Turn up the volume. Record yourself. Create a personal phrasebook. Speak up.

How do I speak German like a native?

Using genau in a conversation will make you sound like a native in German! This short word is very common and easy to use in a sentence. This word means “thats right”, “exactly”, “you are right”… Try listening to German people; you will hear it all the time!

How long does it take to learn German B1?

How long does it take to learn German?Assess your current level & test your German online!Standard course (20 lessons/week)A1beginner8 weeksA2elementary8 weeksB1intermediate8 weeksB2upper intermediate10 weeks*2 more rows

How do you talk like a German?

0:282:41How To Have A German Accent - YouTubeYouTube

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