Question: Is The Game by Neil Strauss worth reading?

“The Game” is, honestly, a good book. With eccentric characters, unbelievable stories and a casual writing style that makes it feel as if Strauss is speaking directly to you, “The Game” is a captivating and enjoyable read.

How many pages does the book the game have?

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup ArtistsAuthorNeil StraussLanguageEnglishPublisherReganBooksPublication dateSeptember 2005Pages452 p.8 more rows

What age group is Blooket for?

Blooket could be used by students in grades 1-12 (basic reading can be required). Students must be 13 years old to open their own account, or have parent permission. Teachers can create students accounts and share codes for the games for students of all ages.

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