Question: What did Junior discover about Penelope on the day she was vomiting in the girls restroom?

In Chapter 15 Hunger Pains, what did Junior discover about Penelope on the day she was vomiting in the girls restroom? She is pregnant. She has the flu. What does Gordy do when Junior asks him for advice on how to gain the love of a white girl in Chapter 16: Rowdy Gives Me Advice About Love?

What does junior discover about Penelope?

Penelope is beautiful, popular, and, not insignificantly for Junior, white. Junior wonders if he is attracted to her or to her whiteness, and is surprised to discover that Penelope is bulimic. Penelope is supportive of Junior, socially conscious (she raises money for charity), and motivated.

Who does junior hear throwing up in the bathroom?

Junior leaves Mr. Sheridans history class because of a bathroom emergency. While on the toilet, he hears someone violently throwing up in the girls bathroom. He finishes his business, and knocks on the girls room door.

What disorder does junior discover that Penelope suffers from in Chapter 15 hunger pains?

What disorder does Junior discover that Penelope suffers from in Chapter 15: Hunger Pains? Epilepsy.

What does Junior finally admit to Penelope?

Junior confesses. Penelope says that Roger guessed it and reassures Junior that Roger wont tell anyone. Then, Penelope asks if Juniors dad will really come pick him up.

Why does Penelope get mad at Junior?

Penelope uses Junior to get a little smudged, so that she doesnt seem like the perfect girl, and Junior uses her to become popular. White girls are privileged. Theyre damsels in distress.

Who is the smartest person that Junior has ever met?

Gordy is Juniors best friend at Reardan and, according to Junior, the smartest kid in the school.

Does Junior try to befriend Penelope?

Penelope in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a friend of Juniors at his new “white school.” Though Junior initially views her as just a pretty popular girl, the two grow closers and are able to help one another.

How does Penelope impact junior?

Penelope is the first Reardan student to speak to Junior, but generally ignores him until he discovers she is bulimic (a disorder that reminds him of his fathers alcoholism) and she ends up crying on his shoulder, beginning their “friends with potential” relationship.

What does Mr P confess to Junior?

Junior is suspended from school for hitting Mr. P with the book. One day, during Juniors suspension, Mr. P confesses to Junior that, when he was a younger teacher, he beat many Indian school children, and he apologizes to Junior.

What type of person is junior?

In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, the narrator and protagonist Junior is a 14-year-old boy living on the Spokane Indian Reservation. He is a smart kid who loves school, and as the novel progresses, readers learn that he sees his education as a means of opportunity to get a better life for himself.

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