Question: What does R4R mean on Reddit?

R4R stands for Redditor for Redditor. These subreddits are comprised of personal ads for dating, hooking up, or just finding a friend. Just like the rest of reddit, every listing and comment is free, so no worries there.

What does R4R mean?

There are also those that come in the hashtag format “#r4r”. It actually stands for “recent for recent”, meaning that a particular picture was recently liked or voted up and the same is done to the other party to return the favor.

Is there a dating section on reddit?

Now Theres a Dating Site Just for People Who Use Reddit a Lot. A Redditor recently put two and two together and created, a dating site for Reddit users. The site matches users based on their geographical location and the subreddits both parties subscribe to.

Can you schedule posts on Reddit?

All thats required to fill out is the subreddit, post title, body text, date and time at which you want to post, and timezone. You can also optionally have post replies sent to your inbox, and you can even mark your Reddit post as NSFW. When finished, click on the Schedule Post button.

How do I live a productive life Reddit?

Heres what I do and what I recommend for a more sustainable way of living a satisfying life: (1) write in a journal, (2) eat clean, healthy meals, (3) get regular exercise, (4) practice meditation, and (5) set small daily/weekly goals that are definitely do-able and then do them.

What does karma mean on Reddit?

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit karma is like a users score, totaling their amount of upvotes against their downvotes. It has a few practical benefits—namely, allowing you to start your own subreddit and join some exclusive communities—but mostly its about reputation.

Does it matter when I post on Reddit?

For smaller subs, you usually should wait 12 hours or 24 hours after the latest post, or else itll be overshadowed by the older post. Thats one experience with my subreddit (10,000 subscribers). For larger places, theres more people scanning for New content. It matters a lot.

How do I maximize my time on Reddit?

15 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work (x-post from r/careersuccess)Track and limit how much time youre spending on tasks. Take regular breaks. Set self-imposed deadlines. Follow the two-minute rule. Just say no to meetings. Hold standing meetings. Quit multitasking. Take advantage of your commute.More items

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