Question: How do you get items for charity auctions?

To solicit items you can use for an online charity auction, create a committee to manage the solicitation process, brainstorm with your committee members, list possible donors, write an effective solicitation letter, distribute the letters, follow up with phone calls, and send thank-you notes.

What are good items for an auction?

Top 10 Charity Auction Item IdeasItemEaseWho Its Great For1. Travel Package✓✓Jet Setters2. Signed Memorabilia✓Movies, Sports, or Music Fans3. City Bar Crawl✓✓✓✓Young Adults4. Best Pizza in Town✓✓✓Families6 more rows

How many items should be in a silent auction?

How many items should I assign to each silent auction section? Aim for 35 items per silent section, and try not to exceed 50. With more than 50 items, it becomes cumbersome for your guests to peruse the full contents of a section and remember what interests them.

How much does a silent auction bid cost?

The general rule of thumb is to not go above or below 30-50%. It is a balance of not starting the bidding too low and reducing the return on your auction, while also wanting bidders to be invested in the bidding process. With a less popular or less unique item, the lower range of 30% is recommended.

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