Question: How old is kalyug?

According to the scriptures, the Kali Yuga is 4,32,000 years of which there are still 4,27,000 years left. After this, the Kalyug will end. The period of Kali Yuga in the Brahmapurana is 4,32,000 years. At its beginning, the age of man will be 100 years and the length will be 5.5 feet.

How did Radha Ji died?

Lord Shri Krishna came in front of them in the last time. Krishna told Radha that he demanded something from her, but Radha refused. Radha abandoned her body while listening to the tunes of the flute. Lord Krishna could not bear Radhas death and broke his flute as a symbolic ending of love and threw it into the bush.

At what age Kalki will marry?

Lord Kalki will be 12 years older to Vaishnavi. He will collect troops to attack Demon Kali and his army from the age of 40. And he will marry Vaishnavi at the age of 52.

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