Question: How do Hinge standouts work?

Standouts is a new feed where we shine a light on profiles whose prompts are getting the most attention coupled with our knowledge of who youve liked or commented on in the past. The people you see in Standouts are receiving a lot of attention because of their great prompts, so dont hesitate to reach out!

Do Hinge standouts show up in regular feed?

If you believed before that you could use the apps central feature to find the best match, well, now theres doubt. Theyre taking people out of that feed. Youll never see them again! That person with the prompt that makes you laugh will never show up in your normal feed!

How does Hinge algorithm work?

Hinge uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm that pairs people “who are likely to mutually like one another”. It measures this based off your engagement and who engages with you, as well as matches you to people with similar preferences.

How do you know if someone sent you a rose on Hinge?

After you send the Rose, your recipient will get a notification and your profile will appear at the front of their Likes You feed (the heart-shaped icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen).

How does Hinge location work?

You can change your location as many times as you like. If you live in Boston and go on a day trip to New York City, Tinder will start showing you New York matches, while Hinge will keep serving up Bostonians unless you manually change your hometown in your profile.

Is it weird to send roses on hinge?

“To express interest in Standouts, users can only send a Rose — a new, premium way that instantly shows someone how youre excited to get to know them,” says Ury. Roses are considered “premium” as theyre harder to come by than likes.

Can people tell if youre a preferred member on hinge?

Does Hinge Show You Are A Preferred Member? No, it doesnt show membership status to other users.

How do you send a like on hinge?

In Discover you can like the part of someones profile that stands out to you the most by tapping on the red heart on any of the 6 photos or 3 prompts. Then, confirm by tapping Send Like. You also have the option to Add a comment (users who leave comments are 3x more likely to receive a response!)

Do profiles reappear on hinge?

Well only show you people youve already skipped if you have run out of new people to see who match your preferences. Widening your preferences may add more new profiles to your Discover queue.

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