Question: Is there a one to one chat room on yesichat?

Are forums real time?

For example, forums can now offer a real-time feed of posts, and users can track their own interactions in a “My Feed” section, which is also realtime.

What are the disadvantages of discussion method?

What are the disadvantages of discussion?discussion method is not appropriate for all the can be used only to students who have some basic knowledge in the topic.some of the students may feel shy or reluctant to take part while others may try to domonate.More items •May 31, 2021

Are forums useful?

Forums are very important and they play an important role in the online classroom, helping learners interact and form bonds with each other. Forums are the soul of online training. Forums are also where most of the interaction takes place between the students; they are critical for keeping the community alive.

Do people still use Internet forums?

Forums are still very widely used. To give you an idea regarding it, we (Website Toolbox) provide a forum service that allows you to create your own forum. Over 400 forums are created every week using just Website Toolbox.

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