Question: Why is Ruby bad?

Ruby has a reputation of being a slow language. One reason of that is the simple fact that Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted language. If we compare it to statically compiled language, such as C++, well find out that it is, indeed, slower in most cases. Its a dynamically-typed, interpreted language, just as Ruby.

What is wrong with Ruby in them?

Rubys standard library is just plain buggier and less functional than Java/Python/Clojure. In some cases, this is missing functionality that you would expect in a stdlib, and in some cases, the ruby version being less functional / configurable than pythons.

Why is Ruby so good?

Ruby gives you expressive power that many other languages just dont have. No wonder Ruby is the language behind the massively powerful Ruby on Rails framework! Creating code to handle complex tasks (like running a website) is just easier when youre using Ruby.

Does anyone still use Ruby?

Ruby is not a mainstream language, but its one of the most efficient ones. People dont learn it for fun – they do it for work. Right now, its used by Airbnb, Hulu, GitHub, and many other big platforms. Here are some additional statistics on Ruby-based sites and their traffic loads.

Is it hard to learn Ruby?

How hard is ruby to learn? Ruby itself is quite easy to learn. Ruby is a pretty clean small language, and for the most part a very typical OO language. The one part thats kinda different are Rubys blocks and Procs, but once you figure those out, theres not much different from Ruby than, say, Python or Perl.

Is Ruby easy to learn?

Is it easy to learn Ruby? Absolutely! But being easier to learn than other programming languages isnt the only reason why Ruby is so great.

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