Question: How do I find journalist emails?

How do I find a journalist?

Google News is a good way to find media outlets (and then find the appropriate journalists) in your niche. Enter the names of your competitors or businesses similar to yours. Youll get a list of outlets, blogs, news sites, etc. where they were featured—publications where you have a shot at getting coverage.

How do you find press contacts?

How to Find Media Contacts: 5 of My Favorite (Free) StrategiesStrategy #1: Do your research.Strategy #2 – Learn How to Study a Magazines Masthead (& Content in General)Strategy #3 Ask a Gatekeeper.Strategy #4 Get to Know a Media Outlets “Email Formula”Strategy #5 – Do Some Twitter Sleuthing.More items •Aug 26, 2016

How do you email a journalist pitch?

How to Send an Effective Email Pitch to JournalistsGet Straight to the Point. As weve seen in the previous article, its important to keep the greetings formal and to a minimum. Being Relevant is Important. Personalize Your Email. Dont Get Lost in the Clutter. Stay Away From Attachments. Follow Up, But Avoid Being Pushy.Jun 25, 2018

Where do journalists find stories?

Journalists operate with an arsenal of distinct sources that help them harvest stories and news items .As a journalist youll “have to” read/watch/listen/subscribe news.TV news.newsletter.podcasts.Twitter lists.More items

How do I get press release contacts?

To find the names of media contacts, visit the agencys website. If that doesnt work, try LinkedIn or call the agency to get the contact information of the journalist or reporter you should send your release to.

How do you make a winning media pitch in 2021?

6 tips for crafting the perfect pitchDo your homework! Research and personalization are key. Craft a story thats both unique and timely. Keep your pitch concise. Create a compelling subject line. Proofread your pitch before hitting send. Dont forget to follow up.

How do you approach the media and journalists?

How to approach journalists the right wayResearch the journalist. Once youre familiar with the titles, look for which journalists are writing those stories and then look at the stories theyve run in the past. Tailor your pitch. Build relationships with the media. Follow up, dont give up.

How do you find an angle in journalism?

Finding a fresh story angle can take a bit of detective work, but the 1–2–3 process is simple. It starts by (1) choosing a topic, then (2) moving to a sub-topic, and (3) finally, niching down to a specific angle. Start by looking at the big picture.

What is the best time to send a press release?

between 10 am and 2 pm What time should you send your press release? The best time to send a press release is between 10 am and 2 pm—this is when editors open about one-third of all the emails theyve received. Early mornings are less effective: open rates drop to 20.5% between 6 and 10 am.

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