Question: Who are the main characters in the blacklist?

Who is at the top of the blacklist?

After attempting to kill Reddington in the winter premiere, Agent Keen found herself earning the top spot on the Blacklist, starting a new, defining chapter for the NBC drama. In the clip above, watch Reddington and his people hunt for Agent Keen, and see the title card listing her as No. 1 on the Blacklist.

Who are the top 10 on the blacklist?

The Blacklist: 10 Main Characters Arc, Ranked Worst To Best8 Donald Ressler.7 Aram Mojtabai.6 Dembe Zuma.5 Raymond Reddington.4 Tom Keen.3 Katarina Rostova.2 Mr. Kaplan.1 Elizabeth Keen.More items •Jan 23, 2021

Who is the protagonist of blacklist?

Raymond Red Reddington Raymond Red Reddington (James Spader), a former government agent turned high-profile criminal, who had eluded capture for decades, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI, offering to cooperate on capturing a list of criminals who are virtually impossible to catch.

Who is red to Elizabeth Keen?

Liz is Reds daughter, but the Red we know is not her father. Lizs is Reds daughter but not the Red weve all come to know, or so it seems. In Season 5, Episode 22 of The Blacklist, the truth was apparently revealed.

Did Keen and Ressler sleep together?

These two fully and finally did the deed. And we see Liz reflecting on her night with Ressler fondly the next morning, ironically as shes in the car on the way to Toms old safe house.

Does Liz kiss Ressler?

Thats right. Actors Megan Boone and Diego Klattenhoff did not kiss each other to sell Liz and Resslers climactic lip lock. They actually laid one on a mannequin.

What season does Ressler kiss keen?

Season 8 got off to an optimistically puzzling start for those hoping that the characters are heading in that non-platonic direction, as Liz and Ressler shared a surprising kiss in the premiere.

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