Question: Who Alex Rodriguez has dated?

Rodriguez has also dated Cameron Diaz and WWE star Torrie Wilson, never ruling out another engagement or marriage. In March 2019, the former baseball slugger proposed to Jennifer Lopez after dating for two years.

Who all has Alex Rodriguez dated?

The loves, exes and relationships of Alex Rodriguez, listed by most recent.Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images. Anne Wojcicki. Photo: Kimberly White / Getty Images Entertainment. Demi Moore. Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images. Torrie Wilson. Cameron Diaz. Elaine Spottswood. Kate Hudson. Bethenny Frankel.More items •15 Apr 2021

How many has Arod dated?

Heres a slideshow on 16 women that the three-time American League MVP reportedly has dated. The Coconut Grove, Fla., native was A-Rods one and only wife . so far. Their six-year marriage produced two children, daughters Elia and Natasha.

How Much Is Alex Rodriguez worth?

A-Rod, 45, one of the top earning athletes ever, has amassed a fortune of at least $400 million based on Forbes estimates.

Who is JLo dating now 2021?

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have made their relationship official on her 52nd birthday.

How rich is JLO?

What is Jennifer Lopezs net worth? As of 2021, J. Los net worth is an estimated $400 million (yes, four hundred million), and her current salary is $40 million per year, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Are JLo and Ben Affleck together again?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first started dating in 2002, then broke up after a brief engagement. This summer found both celebrities newly (and briefly) single, and — as photos of kisses at restaurants, on yachts and on J. Los own Instagram confirmed — passionately reunited. Theyre the couple of the summer.

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