Question: Who is the most successful Fifth Harmony member?

Without question, Camila Cabello is the most successful member of Fifth Harmony when it comes to solo music, though she did have a head start, so its tough to compare her to her former bandmates.

Who was the leader of Fifth Harmony?

Normani The latter two albums spawned the hit singles Worth It and Work from Home, respectively. After Cabellos departure from the group in December 2016, Fifth Harmony released their self-titled album as a quartet in August 2017. Normani became the quartets de facto leader, leading solos and choreography.

Who is the oldest Fifth Harmony member?

The sunshine, the big sister, the happy one. These are all phrases fans used to describe Ally Brooke during her time as the oldest member of pop girl group Fifth Harmony.

Is Camila Cabello and Lauren still friends?

While appearing on Becky Gs podcast in October 2020, Lauren said she and Camila were “very good friends.” From the sound of it, theyre definitely not as close as they used to be. “We had love for each other, like genuine friendship,” the singer said about their relationship.

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