Question: Who is Sage the Gemini married to?

Are Supa and sage the Gemini still together?

Sage The Gemini and Supa Cent are no longer an item. The rapper announced the news on his Instagram stories Friday, Jan. 29th. Its not clear why he and The Crayon Case CEO went their separate ways, but it comes just after he deleted all of the photos of them from his Instagram.

Who did Sage Gemini date?

Sage, 23, and Sparks, 26, first started dating in April 2015, about six months after the Battlefield singer split from her longtime boyfriend, Jason Derulo. In the interim, things seemed solid; Sparks even told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that she accepted everything about Sage, including his Zodiac sign.

Who is Sage the Gemini ex-girlfriend?

Sage The Gemini Shares Heartfelt Message To His Ex-Girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

Why did Jordan and sage break up?

The “Double Tap” singer and the “Gas Pedal” rapper have broken up after about nine months of dating, sources confirm to E! News. According to one insider, their relationship started off great in the beginning but as time went on Sparks was having trust issues—and Sage wasnt helping the matter any with his behavior.

What did Sage the Gemini post?

Sage The Gemini took to his IG stories and shared a lengthy post about his love for Supa. In his post, he wrote, “As a n*gga of course I had women before Supa and Ive worked on myself from previous relationships.

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