Question: How can clothing help date an old photograph?

How do you date a picture?

How to date family photographsCheck for written clues. Analyse the fashion and hairstyles. Consider uniforms and medals. Look at the background and other objects. Dont forget to ask. Look at the format. Check the support of the photograph. Observe the colour tone of the image.More items •2 Apr 2020

What does the number on the back of a photo mean?

The numbers that this thread is discussing is the printing code numbers that was used in the processing machine. The same identical numbers would be on thousands of photos from different people. Your best bet would be to try to find and contact the photographer who took the photos.

How do I find old photos of someone?

13 Websites for Finding Old Family AncientFaces. DeadFred. Denver Public Library. Digital Public Library of America. Flickr. Library of Congress.More items

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