Question: Is it OK to not respond when you meet someone on online dating?

Dating coach and dating app expert Meredith Golden agrees that its fine to not respond, but only if you havent met up IRL yet. Its standard to not respond when a single is either no longer interested or life is too busy, she tells Elite Daily.

Why do people not respond on dating sites?

The first reason you might not be getting a response from a potential date is that theyre busy. Usually, the more interesting or successful someone is, the busier they are. They usually have more commitments and are involved in more things that take away from their time.

Is it rude not to reply?

If you ever sit there wondering why someone wont reply to a text you just sent, youre not alone. According to a new paper from researchers at Google, impatience is a universal condition now. According to their study messaging etiquette says waiting more than 20 minutes to respond can be seen as rude.

What concerns are there when it comes to online dating is it risky to meet someone online?

Overall, 55% of people that date online have experienced some form of threat or problem – ranging from IT security incidents to meeting up with people that didnt turn out to be who they claimed, or being rejected by potential matches. The data suggests that men put themselves at risk more than women.

Is it OK not to respond to a text?

The Rule of Response: Always respond, unless you dont want to be friends with that person anymore. That is, of course, if you want to stay friends with the person. If not, feel free to ignore them. Handy Tip: Keep your messages marked as new in case you arent responding right away.

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