Question: Is Riga good for couples?

There are so many romantic things to in Riga for couples! One that truly sticked with me was a walk through the citys medieval Old Town, which is filled with winding alleyways and charming squares. Wherever you turn, you are greeted by the fantastic architecture, fancy restaurants and elegant shops.

Is Riga a good night out?

If you know where to go, Riga can show you a good time at a reasonable price. The city is packed with bars – everything from lounge-style hangouts with DJs, comfy couches and funky visuals, right through to spit and sawdust live music venues.

How many days in Riga is enough?

While you can undoubtedly see the main tourist attractions in 1 or 2 days in Riga, I recommending spending at least 3 days in Riga to give yourself an opportunity to explore beyond the central areas of the city.

Is there Uber in Riga?

Re: Is Uber available in Riga? Uber is not available in Latvia. Also would suggest to use Bolt, if possible.

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