Question: Why should you date a Canadian?

What is so special about Canadians?

Canada has many nice and clean cities that lead the world in quality of life: Vancouver (1), Toronto (3), Montreal (15). Canada is a peaceful nation and is at peace with many countries. Canada has more clean water than any other nation. The Canadian economy is living up to most of its potential of all the G7 nations.

What country does Canada love the most?

As its title suggests, the study found the UK and Italy tied for tops with a favourability rating of 82%. Following closely behind was Japan, with 79% of Canadians surveyed having a favourable view towards the Land of the Rising Sun, and 77% feeling the same towards both Germany and France.

What country likes Canada most?

Top 10 Places Most Similar to CanadaUnited States is by far the most similar country to Canada. Australia is another former British colony characterized by a large European immigrant population. Sweden is a Scandinavian country, whose cold climate and liberal government are very similar to Canada.More items •21 Apr 2021

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