Question: When did Nelly start dating Shantel?

The pair started dating in 2014. When Jackson, 37, appeared on the short-lived E! reality show The Platinum Life in 2017, she had nothing but positive things to say about their relationship. “The best part about being with Nelly is that he always likes to have fun,” she said of the 46-year-old musician.

Is Shantel Jackson with Nelly?

Nelly and his longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson have decided to split up after six years together. The 46-year-old singer and the 37-year-old actress started their romance back in 2014, however when Shantel was recently asked about Nelly, she confessed they are now “just friends.”

Is Nelly dating Janet Jackson?

Shantel Jackson has been dating the rapper, Nelly for almost six years.

Did James Harden dating Ashanti?

“James Harden put Ashanti up at a Houston hotel, then she sat with his family at the game and he bought her flowers. They are 100% in a relationship,” a source told the site.

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