Question: Why do narcissists hurt the ones they love?

When people have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, two things interact to predispose them to be abusive: 1. They are low on emotional empathy. Having emotional empathy decreases the likelihood that you will want to hurt others, because you will literally feel some of their pain.

Why do narcissists punish their partners?

They want the other person to know how much they are hurting and will do anything to hurt them the same way they feel hurt. Narcissistic rage is also used to shut down any communication and further injury to their sense of self.

Why do narcissists want to destroy you?

Narcissists not only lack empathy but also lack an inner sense of self. In order for the narcissist to feel like they can survive, they need to protect their fragile egos at all costs. They believe that to do this, they need to destroy you – even if theyre the one thats deciding to exit the relationship.

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