Question: What is Dresden lace?

Dresden is sometimes confused with Meissen. Meissen is another town in Germany were fine porcelain was produced. The famous,Dresden Lace, was a method developed by Dresden decorators in which real lace was dipped in liquid porcelain and applied to the figure by hand.

How do you clean porcelain house?

If the piece is glazed, you can gently wash it in warm water and some gentle hand washing soap. Putting a folded towel in the bottom of your sink or using a plastic bin to wash the porcelain in is a great way to protect it. I wash porcelain figurines with a soft {paint} brush, rinse, and let it dry on a clean towel.

How do you keep dust off statues?

1:4013:56How To Keep DUST Off Your Collectibles! Cleaning HacksYouTube

What happened to Border Fine Arts?

More than 50 jobs will be lost after the firm, which was established in 1987, announced it will close. The Border Fine Arts factory in Langholm is to close with the loss of 43 jobs. Another nine will go at their shop in the towns High Street. Owners Enesco Ltd blamed falling consumer demand for their famous figurines.

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