Question: Whats the most common hookup on college campuses?

Where do you hook-up on a college campus?

Here are all the places you can hook up with someone in college besides your dorm room:A Classroom. The Multi-Faith Center. Your Local Cafe. The Study Lounge. The Cafeteria (After Hours) Public Bathroom. The Stacks In The Library. The Laundry Room.More items •Sep 6, 2016

What app do college students use to hook-up?

Although the apps are most commonly used to meet potential dates, college students, especially freshmen, also use the apps to meet people on campus, and to connect to the college scene too. Tinder, the preferred app of 84% of college students, and Bumble are the two most popular dating apps for college students.

Can you hook-up in dorms?

Never — under any circumstances — in any way, shape or form, hook up with someone on your dorm floor. There is literally nothing good, besides a few minutes of pleasure, that can come out of doing the nasty with someone who lives on the same floor.

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