Question: How many presidents were Unitarian Universalists?

How many Unitarian Universalists are there in the US?

148,232 members of Unitarian Universalist Association congregations in the United States; 800,000 identify as Unitarian Universalist throughout the world (this number includes the United States total).

Who are famous Unitarian Universalists?

Famous UnitariansJohn Quincy Adams - US president.Louisa May Alcott - childrens writer.P. T. Barnum - circus owner.Béla Bartók - composer.Dorothea Dix - social reformer.Ralph Waldo Emerson - writer and thinker.Elizabeth Gaskell - novelist.Edvard Greig - composer.More items •Feb 23, 2010

Who is the head of the Unitarian Church?

The president of the UUA is its CEO and the religious leader of Unitarian Universalism in the United States. The current UUA president is Rev .President.NameElectedRev. Susan Frederick-Gray20179 more rows

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