Question: How many farmer wants a wife have married?

Nine marriages and 20 (yes, 20!) kids: Heres what the Farmer Wants a Wife couples are up to now. As we kick of the new season, we take a look back at some of our favourite matches. It was the feel-good show that helped isolated Aussie farmers find a wife.

Is anyone from Farmer Wants a Wife 2020 still together?

During the finale, Farmer Andrew let Ash know that his heart belonged to someone else and then he told Jess he had fallen in love with her. After the episode aired, both Andrew and Jess confirmed they are still together on Instagram.

How successful is Farmer Wants a Wife?

Why is the show so successful? With 170 marriages, one long-term relationship and 387 babies worldwide, Farmer Wants a Wife is one of the most successful dating formats of all time. In Australia alone, the series has resulted in nine marriages, one long-term relationship and 23 babies.

How old are the farmers on a farmer wants a wife?

The new season will see Farmer Matt (26, Orbost, Victoria), Farmer Andrew (30, Delegate, NSW), Farmer Sam (24, Canowindra, NSW), Farmer Will (39, Longwood, Victoria) and Farmer Rob (40, Snowy Mountains, NSW) looking for love.

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