Question: Who is Chloe Sims dating 2020?

Towie star Chloe Sims confirms shes dating co-star Dan Edgar.

Are Chloe and Pete still together 2020?

Pete and Chloe are now on good terms, after the end of their two-year secret romance played out on our screens.

Is Chloe Meadows in a relationship?

Theyve been together ever since, currently living together and looking to buy a home in Essex. George prefers to stay out of the limelight and has just 638 followers on his private Instagram.

Is Pete and Chloe dating?

Chloe Sims has revealed that she and Pete Wicks have an unbreakable bond after fixing their friendship. Pete, 32, appeared to have had a final split from friend and love interest Chloe in the Christmas Special of the show in December.

Has Pete and Chloe slept together?

He recently admitted theyve been sleeping together for two years. The pair have been friends for years, but it recently emerged that things had spilled over to more than just good friends after Pete admitted theyd been sleeping together for two years.

Who is chloes boyfriend?

Sam Gowland Chloe Ferry/Partner

Why did Pete and Chloe break up?

A source told New Magazine: Pete backed off, insisting that as much as he does love her, he just doesnt want to be her boyfriend. Chloe was really hurt and this was her breaking point. She decided she cant keep him in her life and so she cut him out.

Who is Amber Davies seeing?

Nick Kyriacou Back in September 2020, she went Instagram official with boyfriend Nick Kyriacou, a 28-year-old operations manager from Twickenham.

Who is Sophies new boyfriend?

Theres a new man on the scene for Sophie Kasaei two years after her “heartbreaking” split from Ex on the Beach boyfriend Ash Taylor. Just days after the Geordie Shore star teased a new relationship on social media, the identity of her secret fella has been revealed as boxer and former squaddie Lee Gray.

Who is MEGAN McKennas boyfriend 2021?

Josh Riley McKenna is dating Josh Riley, a London based businessman, and director of luxury fashion company, Yelir World. The couple are said to have previously dated in 2020 but have rekindled their romance since around February 2021.

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