Question: Why are guys scared of long-distance relationships?

A lot of guys are scared about getting into a relationship that is long distance because of lack of sexual intimacy. It is not an easy thing to overcome and a lot of guys tend to be afraid that they will fail or that they arent able to go that long without sexual intimacy.

Why do long-distance relationships not last?

Why do long-distance relationships fail? There can be several reasons they fail, including lack of physical closeness and communication, lack of trust, jealousy, different expectations, separation issues, the cost of staying in touch and more.

Why is my boyfriend being distant in a long-distance relationship?

“Relationships may start to feel extra distant when one or both partners arent communicating enough,” said Alysha Jeney, a therapist and owner of Modern Love Counseling in Denver. “Maybe they are struggling external to the relationship and dont want to communicate about it and resort to pulling away to cope.

How do you keep a guy interested in a long-distance relationship?

Here are ten of my favorite long distance texting tips that will keep him engaged, interested, and begging for more.Share your surroundings. Remember the big and small events. Put your life into context. Be specific when crafting your text messages. Send positive energy. Elaborate on how much you miss him.More items •11 Jul 2014

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