Question: Why did LivingSocial fail?

What happened to LivingSocial?

LivingSocial, the Washington start-up that rode the daily deals craze to markets across the globe, has died as a stand-alone company. Groupon, its chief rival, revealed last week that it acquired LivingSocials remains for $0.

Does Groupon exist anymore?

Groupons 10-year run as an independent company could be coming to an end. Today, Groupon is valued at just $2.4 billion after a years-long decline in the daily deals category; Groupon acquired its principal competitor LivingSocial for $0 in 2016.

Is Groupon closing 2020?

Following a disappointing 2019, Groupon CEO Rich Williams announced a new direction for the company moving forward: no more merchandise sales. Groupon Goods and Groupons physical locations are shutting down.

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