Question: What to talk about when you first meet someone online?

Say something like, Wow, Im so glad we are meeting in person. I didnt expect to be this nervous after all our video chats, but Im happy to be here right now with you. As Thomas says, this will allow you to both take a deep breath, laugh it off, and move past any initial awkwardness.

What do you say when you first meet someone online?

Pick a place you both like. Dress to impress. Keep a few conversation starters ready. Dont be afraid to compliment them. Be punctual. Greeting them appropriately. Talk about topics you both enjoy. Ask them for their preferences and keep these in mind.More items •Aug 26, 2021

What to talk about with someone you met online?

Be brave, worry less. Even if its uncomfortable, be brave and just do it, Sandstrom says. Be curious. Ask questions. Dont be afraid to go off-script. Give someone a compliment. Talk about something you both have in common. Have more conversations with people you dont know. Dont let the awkward moments trip you up.Jun 5, 2019

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