Question: Where is the best place to sell Nintendo DS games?

What is the best selling DS game?

Top Selling Title Sales UnitsMario Kart DS. 23.60 million pcs.Brain Age: Train Your Brain. Pokémon. Diamond Version/ Pokémon. Black Version/ Brain Age 2: More Training. in Minutes a Day. Pokémon. HeartGold Version/ SoulSilver Version. Animal Crossing: Wild World. 11.75 million pcs.Super Mario 64 DS. 11.06 million pcs.More items

How many games were released for the DS?

There are 2044 games included in the list. Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!

How many games were on the DS?

There are 1965 games included in the list. There are currently 70 games on this list.

Do they still make games for the DS?

Most functions (for games on both the DS and Wii consoles) were discontinued worldwide on May 20, 2014.

How much is an original Nintendo worth?

The NES as of today sells for $30 – $375 depending on the condition of the console itself and if you have all of the accessories, including the original box, cables and controllers.

Are DS games going up in value?

According to PriceCharting, popular Nintendo DS games like Pokémon HeartGold have seen huge price increases since March 2020, when the pandemic began in force. The same sharp uptick hit many retro game prices and other collectibles, like Pokémon cards.

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